When it comes to managing your appointments, the first revolution was the digitized calendar, that helped businesses go paperless. The next stage is an integrated agenda inside CRM. The entire sales team can see upcoming events, so you don’t have to keep reminding your colleagues of what’s happening. This means better organization across your company.

Close more deals when you manage your time better

With Breezz, your tasks and meetings are connected to your deals and contacts, so you know exactly what you need to do at a glance. You can create tasks directly from the sales pipeline and they will automatically be stored in your agenda: likewise, tasks created in the agenda are displayed in the sales pipeline. These constant reminders to make sales moves work wonders for productivity.

The integrated agenda also allows you to see the big picture: Breezz lets you to choose a daily, weekly, or monthly view of your events, so you can manage your time at both small and large scale. You can customize your notification settings, to be notified a specific amount of time before a task deadline or meeting, meaning no more forgetting upcoming events.

Create tasks and improve productivity

When it comes to managing tasks, to-do-lists are simply not enough for the sales process. When you are selling products or services, the overall goal is not just to get things done, but to build trusting and lasting relationships with customers. With Breezz CRM, you sync your tasks to the relevant deals, contacts, and accounts, to keep all activity geared towards closing more deals.

The new age of CRM is managing everything you need for the entire sales process in one place. Breezz allows you to keep your communications, appointments, actions, and deals connected and integrated – now that’s refreshing.


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Gina Walker

I am a Londoner, UCL graduate, and speaker of 4 languages. My passion for marketing, sales, and overall customer success comes from a love of communication and building relationships.

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