When it comes to selling, many sales people think of meeting their targets as an independent goal. But making sales a team effort can help close more deals, and benefit everyone involved.

Team selling is when different members of your sales team (or members of another department of your company) collaborate to improve overall sales productivity. With each member contributing their strong points to the sales process, you can make sure you give the right amount of attention to each account and close deals faster.

When implementing a team selling approach, it’s important to stay organized. Each person involved should know what their focus is so no one steps on each other toes. A good sales CRM is an excellent tool for collaborating with your team, and getting those deals closed smoothly.

How can a sales CRM system help your team selling efforts?

1. Access to all correspondence with a prospect

It’s crucial that each person involved in the deal has access to all interactions with a prospect. In the CRM, you can share emails so that each member is on the same page. With records of all the correspondence made with a contact, team members can stay informed and make better decisions.

2. Communication with your team via the CRM

Share and collaborate easily in a CRM. Post notes to the deal record and tag relevant members to make sure everyone is notified. You can also create and assign tasks related to the deal, attach relevant documents, and send and view related emails.  

3. Collaborate from any location

Not all members of a sales team are in the same physical location at all times. With a cloud-based CRM, it doesn’t matter if you work remotely or are on a business trip. You can collaborate with your team from any device with an internet connection by signing into your CRM account.

4. See your deal’s progress in the CRM

Your sales pipeline in the CRM gives you a quick view of all your deals and what stage they are in. Accessing a deal record with all its details is just a click away. A CRM with a dashboards feature can give you and your team a quick view of your progress on your deals that you are working on together.

5. Task management in team-selling

With several people working on one deal, it’s important to manage all the tasks involved efficiently. View tasks assigned to you and see which tasks are assigned to your team members. Being able to see which tasks have been completed or yet to be completed gives team members a clear view of what still needs to be done to close the deal.

Whether you have a major account on the horizon or trying to push a difficult deal forward, team selling can be the solution. Working with your team members and co-workers can make the difference between losing a major deal and winning one.

If you don’t work with a CRM yet, highly consider implementing a CRM platform to ensure your team selling efforts are carried out efficiently.



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