We are very excited to introduce ourselves! We are Breezz, the latest player in the CRM arena, offering an integrated sales and marketing cloud for SMBs.

Our Motivation

Breezz is designed with one key purpose: optimizing the sales process. We decided the way forward is cross-platform integration so that the complete sales process can be managed in one place. This includes built-in email correspondence, an agenda, and assistant tools to increase efficiency through guided sales.

We believe that if anyone can renew and improve CRM and marketing, it’s us. The founder, Amir, has been in the CRM business for 20 years and he founded the first cloud-based CRM in Israel, which was one of the first in the world. CEO Noga has a wealth of experience in marketing as well as selling, and therefore can pinpoint issues in the sales process – no one knows their CRM better than these two.

What Makes Breezz Different?

The more efficient and productive the salesperson is, the more deals they close. The integrated agenda within Breezz CRM keeps you up-to-date and on-time. The agenda opens as a side-nav on whichever page you are on, so you can always see what task you need to prioritize next. In this way, Breezz CRM is action-oriented and provides guided sales for small businesses. 

You can customize and rename the sales stages, to fit your exact sales process. Breezz CRM is designed to adapt to your business needs, and not the other way around.

The color-coded icons on the sales pipeline indicate that a task is due, due today, overdue, or that there is no task yet.  Users are constantly reminded of what needs to be done –  this speeds up the rate of completing tasks and therefore closing sales.

Manually searching for specific types of deals, accounts, and contacts can eat up valuable time that can be better spent communicating with customers. Breezz’s smart searching allows users to apply different views and filters, and therefore see specifically the type of information they are looking for.

We know full well that customers want fast replies. In the age of instant communication, there are no excuses for leaving customers waiting long periods of time for you to get back to them. Breezz will remind you to complete your tasks and contact your customers. 

Ready to give it a spin?

We’re confident you’ll see great results in the smoothness and speed of your sales process when you use Breezz CRM. You can try 14 days for free before subscribing, to see for yourself.


Written by

Gina Walker

I am a Londoner, UCL graduate, and speaker of 4 languages. My passion for marketing, sales, and overall customer success comes from a love of communication and building relationships.

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