Once you have converted customers, the next step towards growing your business is building trustworthy and lasting relationships with your customers.

1. Use your online presence to maintain your brand identity

Nowadays, it is essential for all businesses to be present online. Your company website should be regularly updated to make sure all information is still relevant. Your company website should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate – when it comes to pleasing customers, user experience is key.

You can use social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter not only to update your customers, but to listen and respond to their feedback. Customers who feel their voice is heard are more likely to stay loyal to a particular company. For example, you can use Facebook reaction buttons to find out what users like best. Let’s say your business sells ice creams and you want to add a new flavor. You can ask users to mark their preference by pressing ‘like’ for one, and ‘love’ for another. If they have been part of the process of developing the new ice cream, they will be more likely to want to try it!

Use social media to maintain customer relationships

2. Keep in Touch

You want your customers to know you’re thinking of them. Emailing them on their birthdays and public holidays adds a personal touch to your business. Using both email marketing and social media channels, make sure to inform customers of updates and special offers, so they do not grow bored.

When a customer has been inactive for a while, try to remind them why they became your customer in the first place, and emphasize the benefits your product or service has to offer. Send an email with a subject like such as ‘where have you been?’ or ‘we miss your face’ – above all, let them know you’re thinking of them. You can even offer a discount to tempt customers into buying from you again.

Use email marketing to retain customers

3. Make customer interactions as pleasant as possible

People are far more likely to return to a company that treats them well: this can be the reason why people choose one business over another in a competitive field. In this way, customer support agents must be patient, clear, and friendly, in order to uphold a positive brand image. Customers want to feel like winners – at all costs, do not make false promises, but focus on the benefits your company can offer. 


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Gina Walker

I am a Londoner, UCL graduate, and speaker of 4 languages. My passion for marketing, sales, and overall customer success comes from a love of communication and building relationships.

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