The process of communicating with a prospective customer, especially one who is close to closing a deal, is quite the rollercoaster of emotions: you feel excited as you are getting closer to closing a deal, yet anxious that they may decide not to buy after all. The anxiety really kicks in when you’re waiting to hear back from them. We’ve all refreshed our email inbox hoping a response will appear. This switching between email apps and CRM eats up valuable selling time.

The solution? Integrated email

When that sales lead does get back to you, you can read and reply right away without leaving the CRM. In the age of constant communication, people expect swift replies. The time taken to reply to a lead can make the difference between closing or losing a deal. Getting back to customers before your competitors will make your customers more likely to choose to buy from you.

Incoming Emails

When you sit down to start your day, you only need to open one page to get incoming emails, and see your deals, tasks,  and their statuses. Breezz cuts out the need to also open up  Gmail or Outlook. When you’re inputting data into your CRM, or reviewing your sales, you will get email notifications on the same screen, so that you can instantly open up, check, and reply to important sales-related messages, such as a customer confirming their interest and budget.

Everything you Need to Reply

What further increases the speed of replying to leads is the fact that all of the information needed to formulate the reply is all stored in the same platform. Breezz automatically connects all emails with the relevant deals, and you can attach notes and files to all deals and contacts – this means you can personalize your emails and include accurate data without leaving the CRM.

Respond faster with email integrated in Breezz crm

Integrated Contacts

Integrating email and CRM also unifies contacts: when you receive an email, Breezz will automatically store that contact. In this way you will never get confused between leads, as Breezz displays customer data along with email messages. You can also see which sales stage the lead with whom you are communicating has reached.

Email Templates

To further speed up the process of sending emails, you can create and store templates for commonly sent messages and never waste time composing similar emails again. By using templates you also reduce the room for error – in a high-energy sales environment, the risk of making a typing mistake is heightened. Furthermore, email templates make it easy to maintain your company’s voice throughout correspondences, a way of reinforcing your brand identity to your customers.


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Gina Walker

I am a Londoner, UCL graduate, and speaker of 4 languages. My passion for marketing, sales, and overall customer success comes from a love of communication and building relationships.

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