Your business benefits from the feedback and revenue that your customers bring. Connecting with your customers the right way, at the right time fosters the trust and satisfaction crucial to building loyal customer relationships. Whether it’s contacting a new lead, finalizing a deal, or responding to a customer request, you need to stay on top of your email correspondence.

Implementing a CRM (customer relationship management) system with email integration is the best way to ensure you are tuned into your business communications. Breezz CRM software supports Gmail and Outlook integration, so you can manage your emails without having to leave the CRM.

What are the main benefits of Breezz CRM email integration?

1. Easy Access Inbox

In Breezz, you can easily access your inbox from anywhere in the application. Simply click on the email icon in the navigation bar to open your mailbox.

2. Supports multiple inboxes

You can connect more than one mailbox in the CRM. This way you can manage all accounts in one place.

3. Quick email actions

Reply, forward, and archive emails swiftly with quick email actions. Simply hover over an email and choose the action you want to take.

4. Email notifications

Know exactly when you receive a new email with badge notifications in the CRM. When you get a new message, you’ll see a red badge notification on the email icon in the navigation bar.

5. Label and folder management

Manage your mailbox labels (Gmail) and folders (Outlook) in Breezz. Keep all email correspondence organized and segmented in the appropriate places.

6. View email history in record

Know what’s happening with each deal by viewing its email history. In addition to sending emails from a record, you can see emails sent and received in the activity stream of your records.


Keep your customers happy by staying in touch, and showing that you care. The easiest way to make sure you connect with your customers properly, is with CRM email integration.


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