Making a sales call is no easy task, and it is just the first step of the sales process. When you have contacted a lead, there are some key actions you must take if you want to move the deal up to the next sales stage.

1. Take notes

When planning the next steps, you need to reflect on the information you gained during the call. A great way to do this is to write it down, before you forget, and then analyze the information by trying to think from the perspective of the lead.

Some salespeople like to take notes during a sales call, while others find it easier to focus when they don’t. Either way, it is important to log all notes from the call into your CRM system. You can add notes directly to a deal, contact, or account. Make sure to note down details from the conversation and information about themselves and their company. Most importantly, write down their needs, i.e. the problems the lead is experiencing and what they need to solve them. The next time you interact, you will tell them all about how you can solve their problems, so make sure to record their pain points.

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2. Plan your next actions

After you have noted the needs and interest level, create tasks to make sure you take the necessary follow up actions. The tasks are for the next steps – did you set up a meeting? Do you need to schedule a meeting? Did you say you’d send them any information? Even if you are sure you will remember, always be cautious and create a task or meeting. You never know when or how you will be distracted during a busy day of sales.

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3. Follow up

Most important in terms of the customer is the follow-up email. It should be sent about 30 minutes after the call, or at least before the end of the day. Remember to thank them for taking the time to talk to you, and for telling you about the company and needs. If you scheduled a meeting during the call, make sure to confirm it. If you did not, then suggest at least 3 possible times that suit you. In order to speed up the process of sending follow-up emails, you can create templates inside the integrated email in CRM.

Bonus Tip: Connect

Additionally, you don’t want your lead to forget about you. In some cases, connecting to a lead on LinkedIn can be a great way of keeping up contact and showing them more information about your business. You can share valuable content that will impress your leads, and show that you are dedicated to maintaining contact following the initial interaction.


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I am a Londoner, UCL graduate, and speaker of 4 languages. My passion for marketing, sales, and overall customer success comes from a love of communication and building relationships.

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