‘Thank you for taking the time to talk’

The first few seconds of the call must be used to set the tone and to keep the prospect on the line. Use positive greetings, such as ‘good morning,’ and make sure your tone of voice reflects this positivity. Show that you appreciate that people are busy, by making sure to thank the lead for taking time out of their day to talk to you. This will not only show your gratitude, but make the prospect more likely to stay on the line, knowing you appreciate their time.

‘So, tell me more about the needs of your company’

A sales call is very different to a sales presentation – it is a conversation, not a lecture. You need to give your prospect time to speak and ask questions, rather than panicking into telling them as many benefits of your product of possible. We all know how unpleasant it is when someone dominates a conversation and does not let you speak – make sure not to do this to your leads. If you show you care and keep the conversation about them and their business, needs, and problems, you will be more likely to close a deal.

sales call what to say

‘Sorry, what was that again?’

When you’re met with an objection, don’t rush into stating your counter-arguments. Instead, make sure to listen to the prospect, and calmly ask them to repeat it. This simple move forces the lead to rephrase their argument, and show whether they are truly convinced of it – they may be trying to challenge you towards getting a better price. By simply asking them exactly what they mean or to say it again, you are getting them to really consider their objections, before you can proceed to counter them.

Overall, the sales call needs to be all about the customer. They should be telling you about their needs, and you should be describing how your product will fulfill their needs. You should stay calm and appear unfazed by their objections. Your confidence in your product will rub off on them, and you will be in a strong position for the next stage, the sales meeting.

Bonus Tip: Stand Up!

Too many salespeople sit passively at their desks when making sales calls. It can really make a difference if you stand up, move around a bit, and use your hands. It will make your conversation more natural, and your increased energy and enthusiasm will come across well. It helps to have more than one salesman in the same office, both on their feet as they sell, to create a healthy sense of competition between them. 



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