It can get feel great concluding a productive meeting or call with a prospect. But the steps you take after that meeting can make a big difference in turning that lead into an actual customer. It’s important that your next move takes advantage of that correspondence to put the lead on the right track. Enter the follow-up or recap email.

Sending a follow-up email is a crucial step to take to ensure your potential customer keeps the meeting in mind. You can also boost the prospect’s confidence in you by showing that you are serious and organized.

So how can you write an effective follow up email that will get your prospect’s attention and set the stage for your next sale?

Highlight key points of your conversation

You want to make sure that the prospect remembers the most important points of the conversation. Keep in mind that they might get distracted and forget some of the details of your meeting. By highlighting the main points of your meeting you are helping to solidify the most important takeaways from the correspondence.

Let the prospect know the next steps

Sending a follow-up email also helps your prospects remember any steps that need to be taken after the call. If they mentioned they need to discuss the potential purchase with other stakeholders, you can remind them of this in the email. If you made another meeting you should put the meeting details in the recap email so they can remember to add it to their calendar.

Send the follow-up at the right time

Follow up emails need to be sent at the right time. You want to send a follow up email after a meeting or demo while it’s still fresh in mind. Sending an email within 24 hours of the meeting shows that you appreciate the time and opportunity they have given you.

In some situations, you want to space the emails out, so you can keep up a connection without seeming too pushy. When checking on new customers using your product, or following up on ignored meeting requests, you should wait one to two weeks to send your follow-up email.

Recap email example:

Subject: It was great talking to you today!Hi [PROSPECT NAME],

It was great speaking with you today. I think we can agree that [PRODUCT] would be a great fit for your business and fulfill your need to  [plug a highlight/business need mentioned in the conversation].

As we discussed, [PRODUCT] can also add value to your business by:

Also, check out some additional resources on [PRODUCT] for more information:

I would love to continue our discussion and see how we can move forward. Are you free for a phone call on [DATE] at [TIME A], [TIME B], or [TIME C]?



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